Friday, December 10, 2010

More Gifts for Friends

Surfing the Internetz give me many ideas for gifts. Shadows in the Nyte has some pretty awesome scarves on her blog. I took the idea of the Yoshi scarf and made my own, mostly for my gamer friend. She recently got a 8-Bit 1-up tattooed on the back of her neck.

I'm rather proud of it... but I have to criticize myself of course, just ways to get a bit better. I slacked on the spikes.. tried two styles and didn't feel like correcting, the tongue is going off at an odd angle. Once I get the kinks worked out I may get around to posting a pattern. 

Materials used: 
Vanna's Choice: Scarlet, Fern, White. 
Carilina Black for the eyes (remnants of another scarf) 
Crochet hooks J and G. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

So it Begins

I think I've found found almost all of my yarn and partially completed projects. I have far too much of it. From cottons, sock yarns, acrylics, wool, wool blends, stuff that my grandmother had (who knows what that stuff is). There's a few partial blankets, scarves, hats, amigurumi and projects that could have and have already been. 

My goal for this next while is to get rid of as much as I can as fast as I can while still making things that people actually want (including myself).

Right now, there's two blankets, a Harry Potter scarf, a pair of fingerless gloves and some Jayne Hats that are in progress. Some projects don't have as much  yarn as I want them to have, so I'll have to buy more. The never ending circle of having too much and always needing more. 
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